Endless Racial Remarks reported to the EEOC

Buffalo, NY – Frontier Hot-Dip Galvanizind a lawsuit alleging a hostile work environment on the basis of race. The metal coating company denies the allegations brought forth by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and plans to defend their business “vigorously.” 


The alleged hostile work environment, according to the lawsuit, affected black employees the most. It appears the metal coating company was fully aware of the “racial slurs” black employees were subjected to, and they failed to take action against the employees that engaged in the workplace misconduct. In addition to the racial slurs, black employees were expose to racism expressed through graffiti located in the common rooms of the workplace.

The metal coating company allegedly threatened employees who complained about the hostile work environment they were being coerced to work in with termination. Retaliating against an employee for making a race discrimination complaint is morally wrong and illegal.

The “message” behind this race discrimination lawsuit explains that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects employees from discrimination on the basis of race by their employer. Any workplace that violates the federal law at their employee’s expense will be held liable for their actions. According to the regional attorney for the EEOC’s New York District, Title VII will be “vigorously enforced” to ensure race discrimination remains prohibited at work.

Defendant responds to EEOC Lawsuit

An executive representative responded to the EEOC’s lawsuit on behalf of the defendant by declining to discuss the details of the pending litigation and informing the EEOC that their aggressive approach to the race discrimination allegations was unprofessional. The metal coating company stated that the EEOC’s hostility towards the company clouded their ability to examine the actual facts.

In the EEOC’s defense, they receive multiple cases regarding Title VII violations that explain the details of the events and highlight that the workplace officials did not investigate the misconduct at work. If employees can’t rely on their job to defend their rights, the EEOC must take action on an employee’s behalf.

Other statements of encouragement to investigate the EEOC were released, but no action was taken. Guilty individuals are always searching for an opportunity to transfer the negative attention from them to another individual. Fortunately, the EEOC is acting in good faith, for the greater good of the work environment and all races that it entails.

As the pending lawsuit proceeds, the metal coating company looks forward to revealing their “long-term and honorable” history and defending their reputation, while the EEOC seeks justice for the black employees who experienced continuous race discrimination at work, according to a statement released by the executive representative.

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