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If your employer has wrongfully terminated your employment, it’s important to work with an experienced wrongful termination lawyer in New York and New Jersey who fights for your rights according to New York city, state and federal labor laws. The New York and New Jersey wrongful termination attorneys at Akin Law Group, PLLC have years of experience assisting people throughout the city dealing with wrongful termination cases, providing expert legal counsel when you need it most. You shouldn’t have to deal with an unfair or illegal termination, and our skilled wrongful termination attorneys are here to help.

What is wrongful termination? | Wrongful Termination Attorney in NYC

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired or laid off for reasons that are in violation of city, state or federal law. The following are situations that commonly involve wrongful termination:

  • Violation of written agreements. If you have signed an employment contract with an organization, it should clearly outline the situations in which your employment may be terminated. You may be able to enforce these legal agreements through court action or a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Employment discrimination. Employers may not fire workers because of their race, national origin, gender, age, religious beliefs, disability, pregnancy or genetic information. If you believe your termination was the result of one of these factors, you should first file a claim with a federal or state agency.  If you do not get the results you need from your claim, consider filing a lawsuit.
  • Illegal practices. Businesses and organizations cannot fire employees for taking time off to serve jury duty, vote or serve in the military, or for publicly disclosing the illegal practices of their employers (known as “whistleblowing”).
  • Breach of good faith. Some employers will intentionally fire or transfer workers to prevent them from collecting raises or commissions, mislead them about pay and benefits or terminate their employment for unjust reasons simply to hire someone else for less pay. These actions may all represent wrongful termination, so speak with an employment law attorney to learn more.
  • Fraud. In some circumstances, terminating an employee unjustly or illegally may constitute a type of fraud. This is sometimes the case when false or misleading information is provided to workers during the hiring process or when unfairly forcing employees to resign.

Has your employer fired you out of retaliation? | NYC Attorney

One of the most common scenarios of wrongful termination involves employees being fired out of retaliation for disclosing the illegal practices of a business or organization, such as fraud, misleading stakeholders, sexual harassment and discrimination or for requesting overtime pay. It may also occur if you’ve been demoted or fired after resisting a superior’s sexual advances. Employers may not punish employees for engaging in these types of lawful activities, and you may need to file a wrongful termination claim if this has happened to you.

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