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WHAT IS SEXUAL intimidation?

Sexual Intimidation is a form of Sexual Harassment and it is Illegal

The Sexual Harassment lawyers at the Akin Law Group are here to protect the victims of sexual harassment at work.  By definition, Intimidation is the act of making someone timid or fearful; it is an intentional act that would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities to fear injury or harm or feel ridiculed and embarrassed.  Sexual Intimidation is a form of Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment where the employee is subjected to a hostile atmosphere and is engulfed in fear by means of threat, hostile, aggressive and antagonistic comments and the like.

Can Intimidation be classified as sexual harassment?

Intimidation (which is also a type of bullying) is illegal in any form. But when it comes in relation to a sexual overtone, it becomes sexual harassment through a hostile work environment. Intimidation is often a threat, comments, curses, coming from a person with seniority in the company (like the owner, a manager or supervisor) or from co-workers (especially when they gang-up) and is made against an employee because of that employee’s characteristics.  Examples of sexual intimidation are as follows:

  • A group of male employees talking about women being nothing more than sex toys
  • A group of male employees talking about a gay employee going to hell
  • A group of women employees constantly referring to a lesbian co-worker as “he”
  • A group of male employees watching pornography in front of a woman co-worker
  • A group of male employees hanging posters of naked woman in the shop when they know that the female cashier is offended by it
  • A supervisor constantly referring to woman employees as “bitches”
  • A manager referring to a gay male employee as a “sissy”
  • A male owner telling his female secretary to wear short skirts to work
  • A female owner engaging in explicit sexual acts with male managers in the presence of a teenage stock person.

Can men sexually intimidate other men and can women sexually intimidate other women?

Although any group or individual can create a sexually intimidating atmosphere, we often see employees (women more often than men) being intimidated by their boss or male co-workers when it comes to sexual intimidation. The fact that the sexually intimidating conduct has existed for a long period of time, or that the person offended has endured the hostilities for some time is not a defense. Like other forms of sexual harassment, sexual Intimidation is all about power and discriminatory behavior. The sexually charged individuals use their power in the company or the power they obtain from colluding with others to create a sexually intimidating and hostile work environment for the victim employees.

Regardless of gender, the perpetrators often use any means possible to victimize workers for personal self-gratifying reasons. Victims of this type of sexual harassment may include preying on a victim’s need for employment (where they can’t quit the job and are forced to work in the sexually charged workplace) or on a more emotional level, it may include the victim’s low self-esteem, feeling of inferiority and/or the victim’s vulnerability (like young women that are not experienced in the workforce). Often times, victims of prior sexual abuse and those that are very young (teens) are especially vulnerable to sexual intimidation.

Is sexual intimidation illegal in the workplace?

In New York City, New York State, and in New Jersey both local and federal laws protect victims of sexual harassment through sexual intimidation.  In New York City the Administrative Code of the City of New York § 8-101, in New York State the Human Rights Law, Executive Law § 296, in New Jersey the Law Against Discrimination (N.J.S.A. 10:5-12) and on a Federal Level Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. § 2000 e) protects employees against sexual harassment in the workplace including harassment through sexual intimidation.  The attorneys at the Akin Law Group are well versed in these laws and will work diligently to represent victims of sexual harassment to assure that they are fully and completely compensated for the suffering that they sustained.


We have often seen victims of sexual Intimidation feel embarrassed and humiliated to such an extent that they are fearful of pursuing their rights. The New York Sexual Harassment attorneys at the Akin Law Group and the New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorneys at the Akin Law Group are here to help. We will treat you with the compassion, care and consideration that you deserve. Our consultation is always Free and always Confidential. We can handle your claim in a very discrete manner.  We look forward to receiving your call to help you while punishing and holding those that committed the illegal acts responsible.

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