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Esther Oliveras is a certified paralegal (having obtained her degree from the New York Paralegal School as a paralegal/litigation specialist on July 31, 2010) assisting the New York and New Jersey employment discriminationsexual harassment and wage and hour attorneys at the Akin Law Group. As a bilingual paralegal, speaking Spanish and English fluently, Esther is able to assist with many clients that are not fluent in English.

Esther has been with the Akin Law Group for over six (6) years, assisting all clients with many different types of claims, including: men and woman that were subjected to sexual harassment by being touched inappropriately; gay and lesbians that were ridiculed at work; Muslim employees that were called terrorist; Jewish employees shown a swastika; Hispanic workers being called “dirty spicks”; African American workers being called the “N” word and lazy; women being told to “stay in the kitchen” while they were paid less than men performing the same work and other woman that were refused a promotion although they had seniority; pregnant woman told “stay home and raise your baby”; a man in his early fifties being told, “when are you going to retire .. you’re too old for this type of work”; and disabled workers that were denied even the most basic accommodation to do their jobs among many others.

Ms. Oliveras, being a Hispanic woman, has witnessed and been advised of how rampant discrimination is against the Latino community. Understands that many individuals still face Discrimination at Work due to their national origin, their gender, race, religion, color creed, age and disability, Ms. Oliveras has always been and continues to be an advocate for workers of all types and classes, but especially the underprivileged who are often targeted in greater numbers.

Many restaurants in New York and New Jersey hire Hispanic workers to perform the most remedial tasks like washing dishes and cleaning the premises while paying them significantly less than the minimum wage. Wage and Hour Lawsregulate the rate of pay that any worker, regardless of immigration status, must be paid. On the federal level, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), in New York State, the Wage Theft Prevention Act and the New York Labor Law and in New Jersey, the New Jersey Wage and Hour Laws all mandate that workers must be paid a minimum wage and an overtime rate of pay for working in excess of 40 hours per week.

Since the FLSA has a lower wage requirement, employees in New York must be paid the New York Minimum Wage and the workers in New Jersey must be paid the New Jersey minimum wage. In both states, any worker working in excess of 40 hours in any given week, must be paid 1.5 times the regular minimum wage. In addition, New York also has a Spread of Hours Provision which requires employees to receive one hour of pay at the minimum wage for any day in which the employee work day begins and ends (regardless of the breaks in between) over a period of 10 hours.  With the beginning of 2017, New York minimum wage has become rather complex with rates that differ depending on the type of establishment, its size and location. Anyone that is confused or uncertain should contact one of the Wage and Hour attorneys at the Akin Law Group promptly for a free consultation, which Ms. Oliveras could arrange.

Often times, employers that violate the wage and hour laws in New York and New Jersey, also violate the anti-discrimination provision of the law, subjecting many workers to sexual harassment and employment discrimination.

Employers have Human Resources departments and attorneys working specifically to limit their liability even when workers are subjected to sexual harassment, employment discrimination or a hostile work environment.  You should not try to take on these large and financially capable companies on your own. In the event you feel discriminated or harassed, call Mr. Sen; he will schedule a meeting with one of the attorneys well versed in this field of practice to ensure that your rights are protected.

Ms. Oliveras is eager to assist all individuals that have been denied the minimum wage, that have been denied overtime pay, that have been sexually harassed or otherwise subjected to a hostile work environment.  She is looking forward to your call to arrange a free confidential meeting with one of our attorneys.