Is Sexual Coercion Illegal?

The Sexual Harassment attorneys at the Akin Law Group have made it one of their missions to end all forms of sexual harassment at work.  By definition, Coercion is the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.  Sexual Coercion is a form of Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment where the supervisor or manager is forcing a subordinate employee to do something he or she would not ordinarily do but for the threat.

Can coercion be classified as sexual harassment?

Coercion is illegal in any form. But when it comes in relation to a sexual overtone, it becomes sexual harassment.  Coercion is often a threat from a person with seniority in the company (like the owner, a manager or supervisor) and is made against a subordinate employee where the employee is forced to perform an act of a sexual nature. Sexual Coercion in all of its ugliness is really a person of authority forcing a subordinate employee to do something he/she would ordinarily not do, but for the threat placed on them by a person using the authority of the company / employer.

Can I be blamed for Sexual Coercion?

Victims of sexual coercion (even if then engaged in certain acts) have done nothing wrong.   The only people responsible and liable for sexual coercion are those that have initiated the acts by sexually harassing the employee by threats and use of force.  We often see employees (women more often than men) being threatened by their boss to do a sexual act, to allow the pervert to touch them or to show their private areas with the threat that if they don’t do as told, they will be punished whether it’s a demotion, reduction of hours, assignment of less favorable tasks or outright termination. This is a classic form of Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, with the Coercion really being nothing more than the employee being left alone. Sexual bribery is often related to sexual coercion in that the employee is punished if they say No, but rewarded with a bribe is they say Yes to the illegal sexual demand.

Like other forms of sexual harassment, sexual coercion is all about depraved sexual urges and power. The pervert hungry for sex uses his (or her) power in the company to threaten and scare a subordinate employee. Often times, sexual coercion comes from male supervisors and managers and is directed towards women (although, on rare occasions, we have seen women demanding sexual favors from other women and from men and we have seen cases of men demanding sexual favors from other men). Regardless of gender, the perpetrators often use any means possible to force their victim against his or her will to engage in a sexual act that he/she would not ordinarily engage in. This may include preying on a victim’s need for employment (financial insecurity) or on a more emotional level, it may include the victim’s low self-esteem, feeling of inferiority and/or the victim’s vulnerability (like young women that are not experienced in the workforce). Often times, victims of prior sexual abuse and those that are very young (teens) are especially vulnerable to sexual manipulation.

Is Sexual Coercion illegal in the workplace?

In New York City, New York State, and in New Jersey both local and federal laws protect victims of sexual harassment through Sexual Coercion.  In New York City the Administrative Code of the City of New York § 8-101, in New York State the Human Rights Law, Executive Law § 296, in New Jersey the Law Against Discrimination (N.J.S.A. 10:5-12) and on a Federal Level Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. § 2000 e) protects employees against sexual harassment in the workplace including harassment through Sexual Coercion.  The attorneys at the Akin Law Group are well versed in these laws and will work diligently to represent victims of sexual harassment to assure that they are fully and completely compensated for the suffering that they sustained.

We have often seen victims of sexual Intimidation feel embarrassed and humiliated to such an extent that they are fearful of pursuing their rights. The New York Sexual Harassment attorneys at the Akin Law Group and the New Jersey Sexual Harassment Attorneys at the Akin Law Group are here to help. We will treat you with the compassion, care and consideration that you deserve. Our consultation is always Free and always Confidential. We can handle your claim in a very discrete manner.  We look forward to receiving your call to help you while punishing and holding those that committed the illegal acts responsible.

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